2022 Cascabel Quilt Raffle

The 42nd Annual Cascabel Community Raffle

Electronic Drawing: January 1, 2023

1 ticket: $1 / 6 tickets: $5 / 24 tickets: $20

All proceeds benefit the Community Center and Community Garden

★ Cascabel Quilt, 2022 ★ “I Am” ★ 57” x 74” ★
Lead: Anna Lands / Quilter: Desiree Parsley
Inner layer donated by: Edie Cundiff

“The Lord sends us the pieces; we can cut ‘em out and put ‘em together pretty much to suit ourselves. There’s a heap more in the cuttin’ out and the sewin’ than there is in the caliker.”—- excerpt from Aunt Jane of Kentucky by Eliza Calvert Hall, quoted in The Standard Book of Quilt Making and Collecting by Marguerite Ickis, 1949

100% cotton, machine washable on gentle cycle

2022 Cascabel Community Quilt

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