2021 Cascabel Fair

2021 Cascabel Community Fair

Please support our Vendors.

With great sadness, our small rural community of Cascabel, Arizona decided, for the second year in a row now, to postpone our annual community fair to protect everyone who usually participates from contracting or spreading the virus.

For years now, two Cascabel non-profits have been working together to sponsor the fair. Any profits from the usual food booth bake sale, and raffles are equally shared between the organizations. This has been, and is an important piece of fundraising for both organizations. Despite the pandemic, members of both organizations are still hard at work and need funding in order to continue. Therefore, we are repeating last year’s electronic method to offer a bit of rural community to our Arizona friends and our residents.

Once again, we are raffling off a locally made handmade quilt. This year’s theme is “Monsoon”. It is 70”X80”, washable cotton with a flannel lining. A similarly themed 18” square removable pillow cover with a down and feather pillow is included. Squares are handmade by Cascabel residents and friends. Quilt pattern designed and assembled by Anna Lands.

Please consider supporting us again this year with this new approach. Both the winner as well as everyone else (the people that almost won but did not) will be notified by email. The electronic drawing is scheduled for January 1, 2022.

We look forward to holding our fair again and send good wishes out to the patrons, vendors, musicians, and local volunteers who have made the Cascabel Community Fair the unique experience we have so enjoyed over the past years. Thank you, thank you all for your continuing participation in our celebration of the locale and the locals downriver beyond the sidewalks!

The 2021 Cascabel Community Quilt

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