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Vendor Photos

The vendor photo section is a work in progress,so check back for updates.
There are many more photos of our regular vendors who show up year after year.


Marc Antia

Original hand stamped Apache Jewelry with a wide selection of high quality work from many other Native American Artists.


Dawn Productions

Lapidary & Dichroic glass jewelry.
Connie & Charlie VanMeter.


Saul Lieberman

One mans trash, is another mans treasure.


Cascabel Clayworks

David Blocker and Barbara Clark make functional pottery at Cascabel Clayworks.
The work is hand thrown on a potter’s wheel, hand painted with a variety of designs which feature the desert landscape where we live as well as symmetrical airbrush patterns. All pieces are fired to stoneware temperatures and are durable enough for everyday use.


Alluvium Designs

Hand Cut Stencil Designs made on New and Gently used Cotton Clothing using a dye discharge/stencil technique.
Jude Martinez Keene.


Steve Willcox



Delight’s Earthly Delights

Jewelry based on science.
Delight and Pete Edgell.


Elksong Jewelry

Eclectic artisan jewelry designs


Martha Kelly

Finely crafted Stoneware pottery,
Martha Kelly.


Ron Applegate Saddle shop

Lariat baskets, blacksmithed items.
Jacquie & Ron Applegate.



Ivantosh Pottery

Stoneware pottery
Andy & Mieko Iventosch


Sam Janesko & Shannon Bishop


Jeau Allen

Mesquite meal, prickly pear, blue corn products.


Seri Indian Tribe of Mexico

Original handmade Jewelry with a wide selection of quality work from many Native American Artists.






Rustic Wood Decor

Rustic wood furniture and lamps.
DJay Palachuk