Vendor List 2015

Vendors at the 2015 Fair
(showing only those with webpages or photos)

Revival Arts Studio
Delights Earthly Delights
Elksong Jewlery
Saguaro Juniper
Iventosch Pottery
Sleeping Frog Farms
Brookmore Creations
Dawn Productions
Paul’s Art
Fiore di Capra Inc
Rocky Rothschiller
Shooting Star Pottery
Cascabel Conservation Association
Oasis Bird Sanctuary

Spice of the Desert
Soaps & Salves
By Willow Spicewood

Turtle Works
Mosaic ceramic tile mirrors, plaques, & wall hangings By Nancy Funke


Cascabel Clayworks

David Blocker and Barbara Clark make functional pottery at Cascabel Clayworks.
The work is hand thrown on a potter’s wheel, hand painted with a variety of designs which feature the desert landscape where we live and glazed before firing to stoneware temperatures.
Lidded Jars 10”tall

Just-fired mugs and pitchers

Ron Applegate Saddle Shop
6238 N Atwood Rd
Wilcox, AZ 85643

We sell authentic made Blacksmith products and art objects
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Also, We have hand made lariat rope art.

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