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The Cascabel Community Center is a gathering place for members of the rural community situated along the San Pedro River between the bridge at Tres Alamos and the northern reaches of Redington. The center is located just east of Cascabel Road, midway between mileposts 23 and 24, on a small rise overlooking the river valley. The building was constructed in the mid-1980s via donations and the volunteer efforts of many neighbors and friends.

Community breakfasts, dances, celebrations, educational events, workshops, and meetings have been conducted here for many years. In addition, Wi-Fi is available, and there is a small community library with a wide selection of books; plus the Bookmobile comes once a month, parking right by the building.    

The center is governed by a board of directors elected from the neighborhood. Membership in the Cascabel Community Center is open to all residents and property owners between Tres Alamos and Redington. Voting membership dues are $1.00 per adult per year. All neighbors are welcome to be on the community email group,a bulletin board (not a chat site).
To inquire about the community email group or use of the building, please send your request via the Contact Form at Cascabel.org found on the home page tab. The website calendar shows upcoming activities. The building may be rented by members or non-members for events. Fees are modest and application for use must be approved by the board. Facilities include tables, chairs, telephone, a fully functioning kitchen and two bathrooms.


The following documents are available for review.

CCC Bylaws

CCC Use Policys

CCC Scholarship fund

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