CCC Scholarship Fund Policy


The Cascabel Community Center (CCC) Scholarship fund is available to support eligible individuals who are pursuing any higher education or who seek to improve themselves and the community by continuing their education.


The following eligibility factors must be met for consideration by the CCC Board of Directors:

  1. Individual must be age 18 years or older; who is pursuing a General Educational Development (GED) certification, higher education or who seeks to improve themselves and their community through continuing education.
  1. Individual must demonstrate a presence in Cascabel, AZ

Note: The CCC Board of Directors will interpret “presence” when an application is received. Permanent residency is the most obvious example, but there may be other situations wherein the board would consider the applicant to have a “presence” in Cascabel without living here full time.

Note: Cascabel is currently defined as the geographical area in the proximity of the San Pedro River between Tres Alamos Wash and Redington.

  1. If a high school graduate or individual who has met the requirements of the General Equivalency Exam, is enrolling in any institution of higher education, then student must be enrolled at least part time (6 credit hours or equivalent).

Amount of Grant

Grants from the Scholarship Fund will be considered in any amount not to exceed $500 per year. The grant is made payable directly to the eligible applicant.


Grants from the Scholarship Fund shall be available to eligible applicants for a term of four (4) years, or such earlier period in the event no monies remain to support the Scholarship Fund. Application must be made to the CCC Board of Directors each year a grant is desired.


This grant is funded from the CCC General Fund. There is a separate accounting within the CCC General Fund for donations made specifically to the Scholarship Fund. Funds that are earmarked for the Scholarship Fund cannot be used for any other purpose.

Available funding in either the Scholarship Fund or General Fund will be reviewed each time an application is made. It is not the obligation of the CCC or its board of directors to award this grant from the CCC General Fund, or any other fund, if no funds are available in the Scholarship Fund. Providing grants in excess of the amount that is currently available in the Scholarship Fund is at the discretion of the CCC Board of Directors and ONLY if the CCC General Fund is deemed to be at a level that can comfortably support the grant request.


To be considered for a scholarship grant, applicants must submit a written request to the CCC Board of Directors. Application must be made to the CCC Board of Directors each successive year a grant is desired. Applicants should provide the following information which is applicable:

  1. Amount of grant requested
  2. Purpose or description of education (i.e., GED, higher education, technical training, community support)
  3. Institution that will be attended
  4. Expected duration of education in total
  5. Expected financial requirement in total
  6. Date of eligibility (graduation or completion date of prior year education)
  7. If requesting grant for continuing education years 2 – 4 provide acceptable evidence of completion of prior year education
  8. Start Date for current year education
  9. Current contact information