CCC Use Policys

Cascabel Community Center Use Policies and Considerations

The purpose of this guide is to serve the community in caring for the Cascabel Community Center (CCC) and its equipment. All members of the community of Cascabel are welcome at the Community Center.

These guidelines are subject to the discretion of the Board of Directors which serves at the pleasure of the voting members. Voting membership is granted to those paying annual dues of $1.00 per adult (age 18 or over). Please consult with the Board should you wish any variation from these guidelines well in advance of your intended use.

Membership Status

Any person who owns property or lives in the proximity of the San Pedro River between Tres Alamos Wash and Redington is considered a CCC Member.

Any person that does not meet these guidelines is considered a Non-Member.

Use Categories

Following is information to help you identify use categories of the CCC and its equipment.

Private Use

Use by an individual community member or group for an event which is not open to the general community.

Community Event

Community Events are sponsored by a community member or group and would include fundraisers which serve to benefit the community, board meetings, educational presentations, movies, holiday parties, etc., and are open to the general community. Class teachers or presenters may receive remuneration.

Commercial Event

Commercial Events would include functions held to generate money for or interest in a private business; by and for a business such as a corporate retreat. This may or may not be open to the general community.

Equipment Use

Use of Equipment would include items such as tables, chairs, coffee pots, food preparation equipment, media equipment, decorations, other available equipment, etc.

Rental Fees

Following are the applicable rental fees for use of the CCC and/or its equipment.

Use by CCC Members:

Private use of CCC

No fee, a donation would be appreciated

Private use of equipment only

No fee, a donation would be appreciated

Use of CCC for Community Event

No fee, a donation would be appreciated

Use of equipment only for Community Event

No fee, a donation would be appreciated

Use of CCC for Commercial Event

$75.00 Fee

Use of equipment only for Commercial Event

$50.00 Maximum Fee, based on equipment used

Use by Non-Members:

Non-Members must apply to the Board of Directors two weeks in advance of the intended use date. Use of Equipment Only for offsite events will not be allowed.

Private Use of CCC

$100.00 Fee

Use of CCC for Community Event

$75.00 Fee

Use of CCC for Commercial Event

$150.00/day Fee

Scheduling an Event and Use of Equipment

Please confirm availability of your intended use date and time by viewing the CCC Calendar of Events at All scheduled events and equipment use are reflected on this calendar for your reference.

To schedule an event or use of equipment please contact the Events Coordinator who is identified on the Board of Directors roster. This roster is posted on a bulletin board at the CCC.

The Events Coordinator will post your scheduled event on the Community Calendar.

Upon request the Events Coordinator will be available to provide your prepared notice about your event to the community through our community e-mail. Posting notices on mailboxes is your option. Mailbox notices should be posted from C-Spear to Gammon’s Gulch.

During Your Event

Upon your request at least one Board Member will be available to review building use requirements. Additionally, the CCC Events Checklist is posted on the refrigerator and provides preparation, use and clean up information to assist you before and after an event.

At the discretion of the Board of Directors a Board Member may be present at any time during a scheduled event.

In all cases, the prompt return of clean and undamaged equipment is expected. The CCC should be left clean and all equipment put away.


In consideration of others during use of the CCC, please

  • Do not smoke in the building

  • Companion dogs and Service Animals:

    • Companion dogs are allowed outside of the building but must be under control of its handler by means of a harness, leash or tether.

    • No dogs or other animals allowed inside the building except service animals, with the following considerations:

      • Services animals as defined in the U.S. Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act and in Arizona Statute 11-1024 are permitted

      • A service animal must be under control of its handler by means of a harness, leash or tether

      • A service animal is not permitted on CCC furniture or in food preparation areas

      • Service animals that exhibit aggressive behavior will be excluded

  • Clean up after yourself

  • Put your name and date on anything you leave in the refrigerator or freezer

  • Be sure no water is running when you leave

  • Review the Computer Use Guidelines posted in the computer room. Use the computer no more than 30 minutes if others are waiting to use it

  • Review the Freezer Use Guidelines posted on the stand alone freezer

If you have any problems or questions contact any Board Member listed on the CCC Board Member roster. This roster is posted on the bulletin board in the CCC.