A place to remember

Dear friends and neighbors,

Our neighbor Bob McClure recorded his memories and photos taken when he and his family lived here between 1997 and 2013. He compiled them into a book, including other historical photos and memories he gathered from neighbors with ties to earlier times.

Last weekend at the Cascabel Fair, he donated two copies to the Cascabel Library.

He provided us with a digital copy, which we are hoping to place on our cascabel.org website.

Bob also let us know that we could individually purchase copies from the publisher. It is titled “Cascabel Book” and available at prestophoto.com/bookstore/300414 . He does not receive royalties from the purchase of copies.

Bob and his camera were frequent participants in many Cascabel gatherings, activities, projects, and parties. His Cascabel Book is filled with portraits of people, plants, vistas, wildlife, and records of Fairs and Issues.

When thanked for his contribution to our goal of recording Cascabel history, he modestly stated that he ‘did this for his own pleasure’. I have really enjoyed reading the book and I think it will please those of us who shared his time and adventures here and maybe even those who missed that era! Thanks again, Bob!!

Sincerely, Barbara Clark